Embodied Wellbeing by Costanza Giagnoni

Whether you’re an expectant mother, have recently given birth, or have children in the early years of their lives, Mother I Feel You is a holistic well-being service aimed to support you in your self-care and empower you in your transition into and during motherhood.

The work that I share with mothers provides nourishment, balance, self-discovery and it is deeply rooted in:

Through Reiki work, Yoga Nidra and an assessment of your constitution according to the principles of Ayurveda I work on facilitating the removal of blocks in the body’s energetic field that can cause poor health and lack of vitality.

By working on the subtle energy or life force that flows in the body you can treat physical and emotional pain, ease postpartum recovery and let go of subconscious patterns that no longer serve you.

Restore and establish holistic balance and harmony of body, mind and intellect by taking care of senses, emotions and thoughts through the practices of asanas (physical postures), pranayama (breath regulation) and dhyana (meditation).

With a regular and customized practice, you experience physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. A sense of feeling rooted, grounded and calm, greater clarity of mind, vitality and confidence.

By creating a strong connection with the elements and cycles of nature that govern our energy and life and awakening to our interconnectivity with the wider whole,

you learn to live in synchronicity with nature, to take greater care of yourself and those around you, to boost your vitality and nourish your essence.

I offer individual 1-1 support and facilitate programs for mothers to nurture themselves, break out of the tendency to put themselves last and reclaim their radiance, calm, joy and vibrant health.

Ciao, I’m Costanza Giagnoni

Italian born, living in Ireland, I’m the founder of Mother I Feel You – a service for women striving to find their feet and feel whole as mothers, or who simply need a place to come, to recharge and reconnect with themselves. There is nothing more fulfilling for me than to support mothers’ health and happiness and to enable them to impact the wellbeing of their children, families, communities and the world at large.

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