Decision making and Well-being

Mothers are influential leaders who provide the foundations for future generations. As any leaders and decision-makers, they often have to make challenging decisions that can make or break their own well-being and the well-being of their families. Exactly like the decisions of a leader can make or break the success of a business. Think of choices such as plans after maternity leave, childcare, education… and the list goes on.

Three crucial qualities that leaders develop to become great decision-makers are I) emotional intelligence, II) the ability to handle uncertainty, and III) the ability to weigh evidence with intuition.

  1. Emotional Intelligence, the ability to understand and manage your emotions and those of others, is one of the most important qualities a leader must possess. When you are aware of and you can manage your own emotions, you make decisions that are not influenced by feelings such as anxiety, fear, anger, or even overexcitement. You first enter a place of calm and clarity to understand what you are experiencing and why. You don’t want to take feelings out of the decision-making process but you want to be aware of them.
  2. So often we need to make decisions in the face of uncertainty. Uncertainty creates discomfort and analysis paralysis but if we are able to accept the uncertainty that is truly unresolvable, rather than investing limited time, energy, and resources to try and resolve it, we can focus on making the best decision in the face of an uncertain outcome.
  3. Excellent leaders often say that they go with their gut to make decisions. They are able to trust themselves and their expertise and not get stuck in the cycle of overthinking.

How do we develop these skills?

Inner connection is an infallible guidance as it provides us with awarenesstrust, and intuition. It leads us to respond perfectly in all situations. The more and more connected we are with ourselves the more we become our inner gurus.

In our non-stop, busy, technology-filled world, it can be easy to get stuck in our minds and not be able to listen to our inner wisdom. By making time in our daily lives for meditative practices, such as meditation, yoga nidra, and breathwork, we reconnect with our being and consciousness.

We become better decision-makers and the decisions that we make bring us a sense of joy and well-being simply because we decide according to our values and vision. Indeed there is typically no right or wrong answer. In the worst-case scenario, we decide for the wrong option but even if this happens we can learn how to handle the outcome and make the best of it. You may even find unexpected opportunities by going down the “wrong” path.

Do you have an important decision to make? Can you take three days for yourself? Sit in silence. Simply be. Away from phone, television, Internet, books, external noise, recommendations, and opinions.

You may find yourself claiming your own wisdom and knowing, even against self-doubt, external pressure, and criticism.

And if you can’t escape for your own retreat, shoot me an email. A few well-being sessions may be what you need to connect you with that soft little voice inside you, that too often goes unnoticed.