I’m Costanza Giagnoni

Italian born, living in Ireland, I’m the founder of Mother I Feel You
a service for women striving to find their feet and feel whole as mothers, or who simply need a place to come, to recharge and reconnect with themselves. There is nothing more fulfilling for me than to support mothers’ health and happiness as I believe that this also influences the wellbeing of their children, families, communities and the world at large.

Having worked for over 12 years in fast-paced companies like KPMG and Google I know what it’s like to experience the stress, anxiety and burnout from constantly delivering high performance.

During those years I continuously used and advocated for holistic wellbeing within the corporate environment, as a way to maintain equanimity and create balance and harmony of body, mind and intellect.

To date, I still advocate for corporate wellbeing as an associate wellbeing consultant at Mind Canopy, executive coaching and leadership service. 

Working for women and children’s rights NGOs in India in 2013 marked my starting point into the world of holistic wellbeing

“A journey of the self, through the self, to the self.”

The Bhagavad Gita

During my personal search to live a balanced, happy, long, purposed filled life, I certified as a Reiki level 2 practitioner, a 500 hrs Yoga teacher and I became a Wellbeing consultant. I’m also an eternal student. Practices such as Reiki, Mindfulness, Yoga, Pranayama (breath work), Dhyana (meditation), Ayurveda and a deep connection with the cycles of Nature have supported me and continue to nourish my journey.

I’ve been exposed to the teachings of leading global wellbeing specialists such as Lino Miele, founder of the Federation of Ashtanga Yoga Centers, Chade-Meng Tan, founder of the Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute, and Sudhir Tiwari of the Kaivalyadhama Yoga Institute, the oldest scientific Yoga research institute in the world. All of these teachings and experiences influence my work.

After giving birth, or as I prefer to say, bringing to light (from the Italian expression “dare alla luce”), to an energetic boy named Tommaso in 2020 during the global pandemic, I decided to leave the corporate world and dedicate my life to supporting mothers in their journey into motherhood.

My own transition into motherhood has been truly transformational.

A journey that started with a miscarriage and has continued with a pregnancy during a global pandemic, a birth and the first months of my son’s life in full lockdown. A challenge that turned out to be a wonderful opportunity to enter into a deeper connection with myself. By turning down the noise, the distractions and conditioning of society, family and friends, with the support of the practices that I now share through my services, I healed, surrendered to my inner wisdom, longings and learned to fully trust my own intuitions.   

In the hope of being a role model for my son and guiding him to follow his heart to live a life that he will always feel proud of, I decided to honor myself and create the life that I dreamed of personally and professionally. 

When a mother is healthy, joyful and grounded emotionally and physically, she gives her child a greater chance of growing up emotionally healthy, happy, secure, and resilient. When the mother takes care of herself, she takes better care of her children and the relationship with her family and communities. She has the power to influence the wellbeing of the future generations.

It is my mission to support mothers’ wellbeing. By providing mothers access to holistic practices and supporting their journey, I feel a sense of contributing to the world at large.

“Helping women become conscious mothers. This is perhaps the greatest way we can help bring peace to this world.”

Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa