Bespoke 1:1 in-person or online sessions tailored to your unique needs as you embrace your motherhood journey.

When you are lost or depleted in your motherhood journey, the Mother to Mother Sessions can help you find your own unique way of mothering and renew your vitality.

Receive powerful support and guidance whether you are in the early stage of pregnancy, the first weeks and months after birth or the first years of motherhood.

The Mother to Mother sessions weave, Mindfulness, Reiki, Yoga, Breathwork, Meditation, Ayurveda, and the cycles of Nature to help you navigate the journey of motherhood, bring you inward, restore your vitality, awaken your wisdom and unlock the full potential that lies in the transformation into motherhood.

What you can experience from our time together:

  • Relaxation in a safe and non-judgmental space
  • Feeling heard, understood and guided
  • Quiet mind
  • Feeling grounded
  • Healing from past trauma
  • Increased confidence
  • Support and empowerment
  • Body-mind connection
  • Presence in the moment-by-moment experience
  • Clarity
  • Deeper inner connection
  • Balance and harmony

The Details

Book a discovery call

We’ll start with a complimentary, no obligation, 30 minute call. This is an opportunity for you to share with me what you are experiencing in life and where you’d like guidance. I will also share with you how I may be able to support you. The call ensures there is chemistry and an understanding of expectations.

Complete Your Intake Questionnaire

Once you are happy to proceed with the sessions I provide some reflection materials and an intake form. That way, we both have an agreed diving off point from which to start our sessions.

Let’s Start Your Journey

Each individual session typically lasts 60 minutes and will focus on the treatment that is most relevant to you. However, I usually recommend that you block some extra time in your calendar after the session if you can, to fully absorb what has been practiced and discussed (15 or 20 minutes). These sessions are your personal investment and you want to make sure you get the most out of them.

Well Being

You will receive a tailored wellbeing plan with: i) an overview of your profile, ii) your recommended practices iii) goals and iv) one year vision for your wellbeing. You will be supported to establish a daily wellbeing practice that will allow you to tap into your inner wisdom, enhance your energy and vitality. I will be available via email for support and questions between sessions during office hours.

Your Mother toMother Packages

Choose the Mother to Mother support that feels right for you:

I recommend regular sessions to help you to maintain a holistic balance. However, every session plan will be adapted to your individual needs.

4 Sessions(bi-weekly or monthly)

Are recommend for Mothers:

Who already have an established daily self-care practice and need a boost.

Or / and

Who experience stress, tension, anxiety, sleeplessness and emotional challenges.

Book Your Discovery Call

8 Sessions(bi-weekly or monthly)

Are recommend for Mothers:

Who need deeper support and guidance on their well being journey.

Who want improve their current energy levels, and

Would like to create a self-care practice that is easily maintained

Book Your Discovery Call


Packages start at €500 for 4 sessions.

This includes pre-work, your tailored wellbeing plan, our sessions together, office hours questions and resources between sessions.


At the beginning of each session we will have a quick chat about your current energy levels, go through a theoretical part of the practice and according to the type of treatment discussed (e.g. Yoga Nidra, Breath work or Meditation) we will set a specific intention for the session (e.g. healing, finding balance, relaxation or bringing clarity). During the session you will experience a sense of being in the present moment, the only moment where the real connection with yourself happens. You will benefit from a calm, present and peaceful body, mind and intellect.

If this is an online session, you are encouraged to create a comfortable space in your house where you can allow yourself permission to relax.

I am located in Europe but as the sessions can be conducted over Video Conferencing (i.e.Google Meet, Zoom…), I am able to work with clients independent of location or time zone. My sessions are in English or Italian. Face-to-face sessions are held in the studio in Aventine Gardens at Lis na Carrig, Foxrock D18.

Because life sometimes changes your plans, sessions can be rescheduled at no extra cost. I kindly ask for 24 hours notice to ensure I can accommodate your request.

Book your 30 mins complimentary call now

“Women are, by nature, disposed to relationship and connectedness; yet true relationships cannot be embraced until a woman has a deep sense of her at-one-ment”.

Marion Woodman