A circle for mothers, online or in-person, to connect with your Self and other women on a motherhood journey, to retreat, receive and recharge.

Whether you’re an expectant mother, have recently given birth or have children in the early years of their lives, this is a special treat for yourself, a space where you can relax, tune into your Self and exchange with other mothers. You will meet, share thoughts and experiences (if you like) and learn from other mothers. You were never meant to do this alone and this is where the power of Mothers Moments can hold you. This is a space created just for YOU, to support your transition and transformation into motherhood with all the physical, psychological and emotional changes that come with it.

What to expect?

Each gathering lasts 1.5 hours and it is held online and in person.

We dive deep into a specific topic (e.g. chakras, the cycles of nature, divine feminine…etc).

It combines:

  • gentle asanas (physical yoga postures),
  • pranayama (breathwork)
  • dhyana (meditation)
  • deep relaxation
  • listening and sharing (if you wish to).

At the end of each session you will receive a handout, with a summary of the practices covered during the gathering, so that you can self-practice in between sessions if you like.
You will also have the option to join a Mothers Moments whatsapp group to stay connected with the mums who attend the gathering. An opportunity to build and expand a diverse and inclusive network of mums!

What you can experience from our time together:

  • Self-connection
  • Moving inward, connecting with and listening to your inner wisdom and your truth
  • Deep nourishment as you move from endless doing and thinking to simply being.
  • New energy, positiveness and vitality
  • Balance and a sense of feeling rooted and grounded
  • Peace
  • Healing
  • Meaningful connections with a diverse and inclusive network of mothers


You can join the gatherings online or in person.

If online over Google Meet, I encourage you to make your space personal and as comfortable, relaxing and enjoyable as possible. Unroll a yoga mat, light candles, bring blankets, cushions, etc.

If in-person, bring a mat when you are coming to the beautiful indoor space in Aventine Wellness Gardens located in Lis na Carrig, Foxrock, Dublin 18, Ireland.


Sat Jan 28thSun Apr 23rdSun Jul 23rdSun Oct 15th
Sun Feb 26thSun May 21stSun Aug 20thSun Nov 19th
Sun Mar 26thSun Jun 18thSun Sep 17thSun Dec 10th


€40 per one gathering
€150 for four gatherings


This is a space for ‘me time’ so it is encouraged to find someone to look after the child(ren) while you are at the gathering.

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“For us to survive, both as individuals and as a species, we need a revolution in consciousness. It can start with our collective awakening. Looking deeply, with mindfulness and concentration, we can see that we are the Earth and, with this insight, love and understanding will be born”.

Thich Nhat Hanh