As founder and holistic counselor of Mother I Feel You, I aim to create space and support your transformation into motherhood with all its physical, psychological and emotional changes, whether it’s your first or fifth child, or your first or tenth year after giving birth.

My work blends in the principles of Mindfulness, Reiki, the eight limbs of Yoga including Pranayama (breath regulation) and Dhyana (meditation), Ayurveda and the cycles of Nature.

It is natural to experience a range of emotions both positive and negative when transitioning into motherhood:

Recovery from the birth whilst caring for a newborn.

Exhaustion while adapting to a demanding sleep/feed schedule.

Breastfeeding challenges.

The demands of running a household while managing your own and baby’s needs.

Lack of confidence in your ability to understand a baby’s needs.

Navigating the expectations and advice of family and friends and the pressure of society on how to mother.

Change to your personal identity – e.g. career and status; loss of social life, loss of sense of freedom.

Change in your relationship with your partner – negotiating differing ideas on how to care for baby; changes in attitude and needs towards physical intimacy.

Change in family dynamics.

My aim is to support you in your healing journey, in discovering your own truth, in feeling healthy and grounded amidst the changes you are navigating and in practicing gratitude and mindfulness in your life.

A mother’s life is often overwhelming. Senses (body), emotions (mind) and thoughts (intellect) are constantly overstimulated:

Crying baby

Loud toys

being touched

Lots of moving,
jumping and running

Many needs at
the same time

Messy house

Several tasks
demanding attention

Internal noise of
the mental load

and the demands of the many facets of life (e.g, work, partners, elderly parents, social life…etc) often result in relentless busyness and stress. Mothers end up deprioritizing time dedicated to themselves.

I believe that the key to wellbeing lies within ourselves. It is my mission to awaken mothers’ inner wisdom to allow them to find balance and to thrive in their experience of motherhood.

I meet you at whatever stage you are at. From that space and energy level, I guide you through practices that will restore, rejuvenate and balance you. I assist you to build a sustainable practice that nourishes your wellbeing and creates unshakeable equanimity in your life. You will feel nourished, supported and develop a toolkit of practices that you can always access to navigate the challenges of motherhood and be the mother that you want to.

Through conscious pregnancy, birthing and early parenting, I facilitate bringing harmony to your life and setting the foundations for life-long health and happiness of your children and the future generations. When a woman lives in radiance, calm, joy and good health, this is the world her baby enters and in which it learns how to live.

Mothers are influential leaders who provide the foundations for future generations.

“Yoga takes you into the present moment, the only place where life exists.”